3 Materials Dental Crowns Are Made Of

Dental crowns are an important dental tool that can help protect your tooth enamel and cover up cosmetic problems like stains, cracks and more. If you have a damaged tooth, you may be a good candidate for dental crowns.

The material the dental crown is made from can have a big impact on the way the crown looks and how it performs. As your dentist in Katy & Houston TX, the professionals at Chloe Dental are happy to help you choose the right crown material for you. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Metal

Metal (such as gold) is the most durable and long-lasting crown material. Metal can easily be formed into a very thin layer, so there’s minimal enamel removed from the tooth for the crown to fit. However, metal can be one of the more expensive crown materials, and by its nature, it doesn’t look like a natural tooth. Most of the time, metal is used for crowns that fit over back teeth, where it isn’t visible.

2. Resin

Resin is a tooth-colored material, and unlike metal, it’s very budget friendly. However, resin isn’t as long-lasting as metal or other materials, which makes it not right for everyone.

3. Porcelain

Porcelain is strong and tooth-colored, so it’s a common material placed over teeth near the front of the mouth. Porcelain can easily be shaped to look like a natural tooth, however, porcelain crowns are thicker than metal crowns, and more of the tooth must be shaved away to make room for the crown.

How to Decide

It’s tough to pick the right material for dental crowns in Katy & Houston TX. The professionals at Chloe Dental can help. To learn more about getting crowns, call today to make an appointment.

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