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3 Ways to Make Your Dental Veneers Last Longer

Dental veneers only last so long before they need to be replaced, but you can make your dental veneers last longer by taking good care of them. If you have dental veneers in Katy or Houston TX, here’s what you need to know about making your veneers last a long, long time.

1. Clean Your Teeth Regularly With Non-Abrasive Tooth Paste

Dental veneers need to be brushed twice daily, just like your natural teeth. In fact, the only difference between dental veneers and your natural teeth is that dental veneers can get scratched by abrasive toothpastes, like some whitening toothpastes.

If you’re not sure whether a particular type of toothpaste is safe for your dental veneers, check with your dentist. Your dentist can let you know whether your toothpaste of choice is a good one.

When you brush your teeth, brush them for two minutes at a time. Don’t use your toothbrush to push too hard against your tooth enamel. Floss once daily too.

2. Don’t Chew Hard Things

Dental veneers can get chipped when you use them to chew on very hard nuts, pieces of ice and pen caps.

Don’t use your teeth to cut through anything that isn’t food. If you need to open a bag or a piece of packaging, don’t use your teeth – use scissors for these tasks.

3. See Your Dentist Twice Annually

See your dentist in Katy and Houston TX twice annually for dental cleanings and maintenance. Your dentist can help identify problems to help make your veneers last longer. Have questions? Want to know more about veneers? Call your dentist at Chloe Dental and make an appointment.

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