Myth vs. Reality: The Real Story Behind Laser Fillings

Have you heard about laser fillings in Houston, TX? If you have a tooth that needs a filling or some level of restoration, laser fillings may come up. However, there are a few myths about this level of treatment, and it is important to get out of the way first. Take a look at the verifiable truths about laser-assisted dental fillings below.

Myth: Laser Fillings Damage Surrounding Tooth Structure
Laser fillings are carried out with such precision that there is less chance for surrounding teeth or soft tissues to be damaged during treatment than traditional dental fillings. The laser can be pinpointed to remove only the damaged material of the tooth down to the smallest fragment of diseased tissue without disrupting points in even the surrounding tooth itself. Therefore, this misconception is entirely rooted in myth.

Myth: Laser Fillings Are Not Widely Available or Accessible
Laser fillings are rapidly becoming the gold standard in modern dentistry. The treatment is less invasive, fillings can be more precise, and the tooth’s structure is better maintained. For this reason, some of the best dentists now offer laser fillings.

Myth: Laser Fillings Are Only for Cosmetic Purposes and Not for Restorative Dentistry
The laser filling process may be used as a component in tooth preparation for a cosmetic dentistry procedure. For example, a laser may be used to prepare a tooth before a crown procedure. However, these fillings are most often performed as a part of general dentistry procedures for tooth restoration.

Learn the Facts About Laser Fillings from a Skilled Houston Dentist
If you are curious about laser fillings, discuss the procedure with a familiarHouston dentist before making a treatment decision. Reach out to the team at Chloe Dental to schedule a consultation or get information about our innovative service offerings.

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