What’s the Real Story About Wisdom Teeth

It seems that almost everyone has their wisdom teeth removed these days.

It’s almost a “rite of passage” to adulthood. However, some folks don’t even get wisdom teeth. In others, the appearance of wisdom teeth is delayed until the mid-20s. Finally, in some people, wisdom teeth arrive straight and perfectly formed, causing no problems at all. All are possibilities.

Here at Chloe Dental in Katy and Houston, Texas, we monitor a child’s teeth and gums before those last molars begin to appear. Our practice focuses onfamily dentistry, and we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with our patients, so we often call upon family history to at least partially predict a child’s potential problems with wisdom teeth.

Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth
The four most common reasons for pulling those last large molars include:

Swollen Gums
Although a child’s wisdom teeth form in the gum between the ages of seven and 11, they typically do not begin to erupt in the mouth until sometime after age 17. Dental X-rays may be crucial in identifying problems during the early teen years. We can closely monitor the ongoing development of your child’s wisdom teeth.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth
Some children’s jaws are simply too short to accommodate that third set of molars. As they grow and begin to erupt, they will crowd existing teeth and force other molars out of place. For that reason alone, it may be wise to schedule wisdom tooth removal.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth
The third molars are typically located far back in the gum, and they are difficult to brush and floss properly. Some dentists routinely recommend pulling even well-aligned wisdom teeth. Be sure to discuss all options with a trusted dental practitioner. Removingimpacted wisdom teeth is usually a surgical procedure.

Pain and Difficulty Chewing
Remote ancestors may have needed the extra molars to chew tough meat and bones. Not so much, today. Any pain that is related to wisdom teeth is reason enough to eliminate them.

Dedicated to Family Dentistry
The husband and wife team at Chloe Dental has the expertise and modern facilities to make true family dental services a reality.Call us today to discover how we can best serve your family.

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