The Importance of 3D Dental Scans When Getting a Dental Crown

When you visit our office for CERECsame-day crowns in Houston, TX, you may be surprised to see that 3D dental scans will be part of the process. Many patients wonder why we use this technology for crown placement. Take a closer look at the importance of 3D dental scans as part of your dental crown procedure.

1. Ensure an Accurate Crown Placement
Three-dimensional scans allow the dentist to get a full profile of the remaining tooth tissue and the surrounding area where the crown will be placed. This ensures when the permanent crown is created, the crown will have a good fit and will be seated in proper alignment with the rest of your teeth.

2. Ensure the Crown is Cosmetically Suitable
By conducting 3D scans, a full rendering of the shape and small unique attributes of your natural teeth will be recorded. For example, 3D scan technology will capture small cusps on the backside of your teeth. When your crown is created, this imagery will be used to make sure the tooth made looks exactly like the rest of your teeth, right down to the smallest features.

3. Ensure the Crown Fits Your Natural Bite
The overall goal with dental crown placement is to retain the bite even though the prosthetic tooth is new. When 3D scans are taken, the dentist gets a comprehensive view of your overall bite and how the crown should be shaped and placed to keep that bite with the placement of the crown.

Discuss Crowns with a Skilled Houston Dentist
If you would like to know more about dental crowns or how the procedure works, be sure to discuss the treatment with an experiencedHouston dentist. Reach out to the team at Chloe Dental to ask questions or schedule an appointment.