What Are the Benefits of Laser Fillings?

Laser fillings in Katy TX offer several benefits when compared to traditional metal fillings. At Chloe Dental, we have invested in laser technology to treat gum disease, tooth sensitivity, and fill cavities. If you have a decayed tooth that requires a filling, you can feel confident that we prioritize your comfort throughout the process.


How Do Laser Fillings Work?

Our laser technology consists of a handheld instrument that emits radiation beams. Dr. Chloe Nguyen or Dr. Langley Ho point the laser at the soft tissues in your mouth, causing them to move in response to the radiation beams connecting with them. Dental lasers are quiet equipment, which is a big change from the loud, nerve-rattling sound of a dental drill.


What Type of Benefits Can You Expect from Laser Equipment?

Tenderness, tooth sensitivity, and throbbing pain in the treated tooth are all common effects after having a cavity filled with a dental drill. Laser technology creates faster wound healing, which means you may not experience these symptoms at all or only mildly. Another important benefit of laser technology is that you have a reduced risk of bacterial infection in the location where Dr. Nguyen or Dr. Ho performs your procedure.

Soft tissue movement also produces less bleeding than restorations created with a dental drill. You may not even need stitches after your dental work. If you do, you can expect to receive fewer of them and to have them removed faster than you would have if your dentist used non-laser equipment. You can also feel good about the effectiveness of dental laser technology. The Food and Drug Administration approved its use 35 years ago, and dental lasers have only improved since that time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Chloe Dental if you have additional questions about laser technology in Houston TX.

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