What is KOR Teeth Whitening?

Does trying to whiten your teeth at home make you feel frustrated? If so, your reaction is perfectly understandable. At-home teeth whitening kits rarely offer the professional-looking results that you can obtain at Chloe Dental. We use the KoR teeth bleaching kit manufactured by dental specialists.

When you schedule KoR teeth whitening in Katy TX, you can expect to improve the brightness of your smile by as much as 10 times. The initial procedure at our clinic in Katy or Houston takes just one hour, and you will then need to complete follow-up treatment at home for around two weeks.


What to Expect with Professional Teeth Whitening

After you complete a consultation and decide to move forward with this procedure, the next step is to schedule your one-hour appointment. The first thing Dr. Chloe Nguyen or Dr. Langley Ho does is create molds of your teeth. Your dentist then transforms them into customized deep bleaching trays for you to wear in our office and at home.

During your in-office treatment, you remain seated in the dental chair while Dr. Nguyen or Dr. Ho pours bleaching gel into the mouth trays. You wear one on your top teeth and one on your bottom teeth until your dentist removes them. After rinsing your mouth with water, Dr. Nguyen or Dr. Ho may use a curing light to further bring out the natural shine from deep within your tooth enamel.

We send you home with the trays and bleaching gel at the end of your appointment. You should plan to wear them while sleeping for the next two weeks. Following through with this step is critical to achieving long-lasting results. To learn more about KoR teeth whitening in Houston TX, please reach out to request a consultation today.

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