What to Expect During a Deep-Cleaning Dental Hygiene Appointment

When it comes to comprehensive dental care in Houston, TX, oral hygiene appointments are undeniably important. However, a deep-cleaning appointment goes beyond the typical cleaning processes during your usual dental cleaning. Take a look at what to expect during a deep cleaning below.

Expect the Appointment to Take a Bit Longer
The general teeth cleaning appointment usually only takes about 30 to 45 minutes. However, a deep cleaning appointment can be a bit more time-consuming. In fact, the treatment may involve a series of appointments in which a section of the teeth is covered at each one instead of your full mouth at one time.

Expect Local Anesthetic to Be Used
Because the treatment involves working beneath the gum line, deep cleaning can be a little uncomfortable. Therefore, you will be given a locally injected anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the appointment. This is not common during a standard hygiene appointment but is necessary when doing deep work beneath the soft tissues in the mouth.

Expect a Brief Recovery Period
Generally, the recovery period after a deep cleaning will take a few days. The soft tissues must heal and close around the teeth during this time. Therefore, you can expect some sensitivity and may need to alter your usual oral hygiene and eating habits. Be sure to go over the after-care instructions for scaling and root-planing before your appointment so you know what to expect during recovery.

Discuss Deep Cleaning with a Houston Dentist
While not every patient will need deep cleaning, when a Houston dentist recommends the procedure, rest assured that this is a positive treatment for your oral health. Reach out to Chloe Dental if you have questions about scaling and root-planing appointments.

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