Why do Teeth Get Stained?

Every day, people come to Chloe Dental for professionalteeth whitening in Katy, TX. Everybody wants to have whiter, brighter teeth, but over time, teeth do tend to get stained. This discoloration is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can detract from the overall healthy appearance of an individual. One of the many questions that we are regularly asked is, why do teeth get stained?

Why do Teeth Get Stained?
After you have your teeth professionally whitened, you can help to keep them looking great by avoiding these common culprits:

Whether you chew tobacco, smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes, the use of tobacco will always lead to stained teeth. It’s the nicotine that discolors teeth, making them look old and yellow.

Red Wine
It’s debatable whether red wine actually has health benefits, but dentists are sure that red wine stains teeth. If you choose to imbibe, be sure to brush teeth well afterward.

Lack of Good Dental Hygiene
Speaking of brushing teeth, a lack of good dental hygiene also causes stained teeth. Plaque is a yellow-ish film that stains teeth if allowed to remain on the surface. Regular brushing and rinsing will minimize this buildup, although routine dental cleaning are still needed for healthy, whiter teeth.

Prescription Medications
If you need to take prescription medicine, you shouldn’t stop just because it may yellow teeth. Talk to your doctor if your teeth are becoming discolored to a point where it’s problematic.

The porous nature of teeth makes them susceptible to discoloration, and this can’t be avoided. But you can always have your teeth whitened at thedentist in Katy, TX. For your convenience, Chloe Dental also has a practice in Houston, TX where you can get teeth whitening. Contact us today to book your teeth whitening services at your nearest location!

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