3 Ways to Support Rapid Recovery After Oral Surgery

Whether you are having your wisdom teeth removed or something else, oral surgery in Houston, TX will usually involve a brief period of recovery while your mouth heals. To make sure your recovery goes by as smoothly and quickly as possible, there are a few small things you can do after your procedure. Here is a closer look at some tips to support your recovery after oral surgery.

1. Get rest with your head elevated

Your body heals well when you are resting, so make sure you pencil in time to get enough of it. When you do rest, try to keep your head elevated. This prevents excess fluid from accumulating in your mouth, which may help keep swelling at bay.

2. Use ice or warm salt water to deter inflammation

Swelling after oral surgery is normal, but too much inflammation can interfere with the healing process. Using an ice pack on your cheeks or mouth from the outside can soothe some of the inflammation. Likewise, the dentist may recommend rinsing your mouth with salt water to help draw out excess fluids.

3. Keep your mouth as clean as possible

Whether the dentist tells you to stick with a soft diet or regular foods, make sure to keep your mouth clean. Food particles can contribute to bacterial growth in your mouth. Without precautions, this could put the surgical site at risk of infection. Swish with water after a meal and you should be fine.

Discuss Your Recovery with Your Houston Dentist

Oral surgery can feel like an intimidating endeavor, but with the right plan for recovery in place, you and your mouth will be back to good in no time. Ready to discuss your oral surgery needs with a dentist in Houston, TX? Reach out to us at Chloe Dental to schedule a consultation.

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