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How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

It’s important to see the dentist on a regular basis, but how often is that? As your dentist in Katy and Houston, TX, we can help you decide when it’s time to make a dental appointment! See below, important information about when it’s time to visit Chloe Dental. When to Go For Regular Cleanings Most patients […]

4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Cavities

A cavity is a hole that develops in your tooth enamel when bacteria causes dental decay. Cavities can cause pain and, if left untreated, may lead to a more serious problem down the road. It’s important to protect your teeth from cavities. There are many things you can do to keep your teeth in good […]

What Happens If I Have a Vertical Root Fracture?

A vertical root fracture refers to a major crack in the tooth, one that starts at the very root and then runs to the crown of the tooth. If you have one, it was likely caused by either dental work (e.g., root canal, large crown) or trauma to the tooth. Despite the severity of the […]

How Long Do CEREC Crowns Last?

A CEREC crown is made with the help of computer design and computer technology. The advantage is that these crowns can be made on the same day, allowing for a much easier procedure for the patient and dentist alike. For traditional dentists, ones who are used to sending out their crowns to a lab before […]

Crowded Teeth? How to Tell and What to Do

Crowded teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile as well as your oral health and hygiene. If you have crowded teeth, there is something you can do about it. As your dentist in Katy and Houston, TX, the professionals at Chloe Dental can assess the placement of your teeth and help you decide the […]

How Smoking Affects Your Dental Health

Has your dentist in Katy, TX recommended that you stop smoking? Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, but did you know that smoking can also lead to severe dental issues? How Smoking Affects Your Dental Health Here are some of the oral issues that come from smoking cigarettes and using any other form of tobacco, including […]

How Should I Maintain My Dental Implants?

If you’re missing a tooth, the most natural type of prosthetic tooth that you can get is a dental implant. Dental implants work very much like natural teeth, in that each implant is fused with the jaw bone to create a permanent tooth replacement. Once your implant (or implants) are installed, your dentist in Katy and […]

Signs You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Have you been wondering if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? If so, your dentist in Houston, TX, can help by looking at them and making a recommendation. But first, let’s take a look at some of the signs indicating you might need your wisdom teeth removed. Signs You Need to Have Your Wisdom […]