4 Signs Your Child Needs (or Will Need) Braces

Crooked, crowded teeth can cause all kinds of problems for children and adults, and that’s why many people get their teeth straightened as children. Braces are an effective tool for straightening your child’s teeth if it’s needed. As a parent, you may be able to anticipate whether your child will need their teeth straightened. Below are some signs that your child does (or will) need their teeth straightened with braces.

1. Finger Sucking

Sucking on a finger, whether that’s a pointer finger or thumb, can cause your child’s teeth to become misaligned. This kind of behavior is especially problematic if your child is sucking their fingers as their permanent teeth are coming in. If you can break your child of this habit before it creates tooth misalignment, then your child may not need braces later. If they can’t, they will likely need braces in the future.

2. Difficulty Chewing

Tooth misalignment can cause problems chewing – either by making it painful, or by making it hard to do. If your child complains about challenges while chewing food, this could be a sign that your child needs braces. Ask the dentist about it when you take your child in for their next appointment.

3. Crowded, Crooked or Misplaced Teeth

Sometimes parents can tell when their child needs braces in Katy and Houston, TX, because their child’s teeth are observably crooked. If your child has crooked teeth, take them to the dentist to get a professional opinion.

4. Jaw Clicking

If your child complains that their jaw clicks, this could be a sign of tooth misalignment. Take your child to the dentist in Katy and Houston, TX. Call Chloe Dental today to learn more.

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