What Should I Do If My Child Is Having a Dental Emergency?

Is your child having a dental emergency? Wondering what to do? Dental emergencies can be scary for you and your little one, but they’re better when you have the help of a capable dentist in Katy and Houston, TX. Knowing how to identify when your child is having a dental emergency and what you can do about it is important. Here’s what to know.

What Qualifies As a Dental Emergency?

Just knowing what qualifies as a dental emergency is an important part of knowing what steps to take next. Generally speaking, if you’re experiencing severe dental pain or injury, you’re very likely having a dental emergency. Below are some examples.

  • Loss of a permanent tooth. Loss of a permanent tooth is a dental emergency. If you get your child to the dentist quickly enough, you may be able to save the tooth.
  • Severe toothache. A severe toothache could be a sign of a dental infection.
  • Tooth has become chipped or broken. A chipped or broken tooth may or may not be a dental emergency, depending on the nature of the break. Call your dentist to find out.

What To Do In the Event of a Dental Emergency

In the event of a dental emergency, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Your first step is to call a dentist’s office that offers emergency dental services. A dentist who is set up to offer emergency dental services should have the scheduling flexibility to see you as soon as possible. Contact the dentist before bringing your child to the office.

If your child is having a dental emergency in Katy and Houston, TX, contact Chloe Dental. We can help.

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