Options for Teeth Straightening

It’s the condition and placement of your teeth that makes your smile beautiful. That’s why, if you have misaligned teeth or teeth that show gaps in between, it’s time to see yourdentist in Katy, TX. At Chloe Dental, we have easy teeth straightening solutions that will revolutionize how you feel about your smile. Schedule a consultation today.

How Your Dentist Can Straighten Your Teeth
Most people’s thoughts turn to braces when someone mentions straighter teeth. But braces are not the only solution. And even braces may look far different from what you’re picturing. While traditional metal braces are usually affordable, your dentist will be happy to tell you about ceramic braces, clear aligners, and braces that affix to the reverse side of teeth to make them less noticeable.

Which Option Is Best for You?
You and your orthodontist will work together to decide which option is best for straightening your teeth. Regardless of which solution you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your smile is getting straighter every day. And teeth that are perfectly aligned make it much easier to bite and chew. Some of the options your dentist may discuss include:

Metal Braces
Traditional and usually more affordable, metal braces use metal brackets that attach to the front of teeth and are connected by wires.

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic braces work the same as metal braces, but the brackets are tooth-colored, and the wires are clear, making them less noticeable.

Lingual Braces
Lingual braces use brackets placed on the reverse side of your teeth. They’re still connected by wires, but they’re much less visible.

Clear Aligners
Clear aligners use a series of clear plastic trays to straighten teeth incrementally.

Get Straighter Teeth in Katy, TX
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Want Straighter Teeth Without Wearing Braces? Consider Clear Aligners

Perhaps you never had the opportunity to wear braces as a child or teenager even though you could have benefitted from orthodontic treatment. Now that you’re older, you may have assumed that the window of opportunity to straighten your teeth and improve your oral health has closed. After all, not too many adults want to sport a mouth full of metal for approximately two years.

Chloe Dental has good news for you. We offer clear aligners in Katy, TX with all the benefits of traditional wire braces but with much greater flexibility. You can achieve the smile you have always wanted after all.

What Are Clear Aligners?

As the name suggests, clear aligners are see-through retainer-like devices made from durable and flexible plastic. Once you decide to pursue orthodontic treatment with Chole Dental, the first thing we do is take impressions of each row of teeth to fit you for your first set of clear aligners in Katy, TX. The aligners apply pressure to your teeth to shift into the desired position just as typical braces do.

You receive a set of progressively strong aligners to last the duration of your treatment at your first appointment for a fitting. Some people are done with treatment in as little as 12 months, although the average is closer to 24 months. About once every two weeks, you discard your current pair of aligners for the next one in the set.

Why Many Patients Prefer Clear Aligners to Metal Braces

Since we create your aligners from clear materials, others cannot tell you are wearing them unless they are physically close to you. You can also remove them as desired, but you should plan to wear them at least 22 hours a day for the best and most timely results. Please contact Chloe Dental at your convenience to learn more or request a consultation.

What Does It Mean When We Say “Braces Without Braces?”

When you’re poking around on the Chloe Dental website, you might notice that we throw around the term “braces without braces” in the services dropdown menu. Have you wondered what we mean by that? We’re talking about clear aligners!

This important orthodontic tool can help align your teeth just like braces, but without some of the problems that people experience with braces. Here’s what you need to know about clear aligners in Katy and Houston TX.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are placed over the teeth to help push them gently into alignment. Aligners are tooth-shaped and made from a model of your teeth. Each aligner arch is customized to the wearer, to help push the patient’s teeth into place.

Clear aligners work gradually in stages. Once the teeth are in alignment with the current set of aligners, the patient receives a new set of aligners to push the teeth further into place, until the teeth have reached the correct position.

How Do Clear Aligners Compare to Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are made from wires and brackets that help pull the teeth into the right position. Traditional braces do the job, but can impact the beauty of the smile while they’re being worn. Clear aligners have many advantages over traditional braces, including:

  • Clear aligners are nearly invisible and presents no negative impact on the appearance of your teeth.
  • Clear aligners can be removed for cleaning and eating certain foods.
  • Aligners are easy to clean.

Want Braces Without Braces? Contact Chloe Dental Today

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? You might be a good candidate for clear aligners!

The first step to getting treatment is to see your dentist in Katy and Houston TX. To make an appointment, call us today!

Smile! A Look at the Psychological Advantages of Smiling

People seek cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX for so many reasons. Whether they have a small imperfection or want an entirely new look, most of those reasons have something to do with physical appearance. However, a nice smile can also be good for your psychological health. Check out a few benefits of smiling for your mental health.

Fight Stress

Did you know that smiling may help you feel less stressed? Even better, smiling may make the people around you feel less stressed. Studies have shown that even faking a smile when you don’t necessarily feel like smiling may decrease stress.

Deter Gloom

Smiling gives neural communications a boost, which basically means if you smile, you can trick your mind into feeling more content and less gloomy. Smiling may actually release dopamine and serotonin, both of which are known as “feel good” chemicals produced by the body.

Relieve Physical Discomfort

That same natural endorphin, serotonin, that helps you feel happy can also be an effective pain-reliever. Serotonin has been studied extensively because it has this amazing ability to relax the physical body and make bodily discomfort much more bearable. So, even if you are having a bad day and in a little pain, sharing your smile with the rest of the world may actually make you feel better.

Talk to a Houston, TX Dentist to Achieve Your Best Smile

The happier you are with your smile, the happier you will be to share it. And, science shows that when you smile a lot, you may reap all kinds of advantages. Ready to smile more? A dentist in Houston, TX at Chloe Dental can help. Reach out to us today to find out about the cosmetic treatments we offer, like whitening, veneers, crowns, and dental implants.

Braces without Braces: FAQs About Smile Straightening with Clear Aligners

Whether it is an overbite or underbite, gaps between your teeth, or otherwise, smile alignment can change everything about your confidence level, bite efficiency, and even oral health. If you are considering talking to a dentist about clear aligner smile straightening, also known as braces without braces in Katy, TX, you may have a few questions.

Who is a good candidate for smile straightening with clear aligners?

Clear aligners to straighten teeth can be a good option for patients of any age. However, the aligners tend to be most preferred among patients that would prefer to straighten their smiles without this being such an obvious process. The aligners can work well to straighten most mild to moderate smile alignment problems.

How long do you have to wait to start treatment?

If you visit us for a consultation about braces without braces, we can usually have your signers ready to wear within a few days. We use 3D printing technology and smile mapping software, which means we have the skill and equipment to create the aligners right here in our office.

How long will the total treatment take?

The total treatment duration with clear aligners can be similar to what would be necessary with standard braces. Usually, the full treatment course will take somewhere around 18 months, but this can vary depending on the patient, the severity of alignment issues, and various other factors.

Find Out About Braces without Braces in Katy, TX

Braces without braces can be a better option for some patients looking for smile alignment. To make sure you have the best experience, be sure to work with a Katy, TX dentist that utilizes the latest technology for treatment. Reach out to us at Chloe Dental to schedule your consultation for braces without braces today.