Cosmetic Dentistry: Types And Benefits in Katy, TX

The demand for Cosmetic dentistry is continually increasing over the years. People want to achieve a more beautiful and healthy-looking smile because it gives them confidence in engaging with other people. Cosmetic dentistry not only helps in the improvement of the teeth’ appearance, but it can also help in restoring damaged and weakened teeth. At Chloe Dental, we help the patients achieve perfect smiles with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry consists of procedures that can enhance and improve the teeth and smile. It is consists of different dental procedures that focus on fixing imperfections or damage that cause self-consciousness, discomfort, and even other dental complications.

With Cosmetic Dentistry Chloe Dental can:

  • Whiten and brighten teeth
  • Repair damaged teeth
  • Repair discolored teeth
  • Modify teeth size and form
  • Fix gaps in between the teeth

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Chloe Dental

Teeth Whitening

It is the procedure that breaks down stains that makes the teeth appear discolored. Professional teeth whitening can guarantee a safe and effective treatment of enhancing the look of the teeth. KöR Whitening is known to be the most effective and recognized whitening treatment that can fix discoloration to its most severe state.

Benefits of KöR Whitening

  • Compared to other teeth whitening procedures, KöR Whitening provides little to no pain and sensitivity after the treatment making it an ideal treatment for teeth whitening.
  • The result can be permanent as long as proper care of the teeth is practiced at home and also regular dental cleanings and checkups.
  • It gives a favorable whitening result without compromising the look of the teeth after treatment.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are prosthetics that are placed on the front surface of the tooth to restore and repair its structure. It is made from porcelain or composite resin which provides a natural look. Veneers are used for chipped, discolored by trauma, misshapen, gapped, and crooked teeth. Anesthesia is not needed during the procedure since it does not provide any pain or discomfort. The teeth would be prepared by partly removing some of the tooth enamel as well as roughening it for the adhesive to properly bond with the tooth.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

  • Veneers are more stain-resistant than other restorations and can last longer with proper dental hygiene practices.
  • They look more lifelike than other dental prosthetics that are placed in the tooth for restoration.
  • It also adds protection to a damaged tooth shielding it from bacterias that can cause further damage.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cosmetic Dentistry in Katy. Book your appointment with us at Chloe Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth. We are located 3950 N. Fry Road #600, Katy, TX 77449.

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