Get More Out of Your Smile With KoR Teeth Whitening

Although it is extremely important to keep up with your regular dental cleaning appointments for the maintenance of your mouth, teeth, and gum health, many still suffer from discoloration of their teeth. KoR teeth whitening is a novel solution offered by Chloe Dental of Houston and Katy, TX. We promise to satisfy even the most troublesome of areas.

What is KoR Teeth Whitening?

KoR teeth whitening is a deep bleaching and cleaning solution that uses peroxide-based whitening gels. This means that the procedure penetrates deep into the dental layers, which causes the tooth to absorb the treatment and helps with stubborn tooth depigmentation properly. The KoR deep bleaching method helps to give back the confidence you need in your life to have you grinning from ear to ear.

Why Choose KoR Teeth Whitening?

Simply put, the KoR method is for anyone who has tried whitening solutions before and has not gotten the desired results. Due to its natural absorption, KoR is much more effective and has a much higher success rate when dealing with discoloration. Three key differences that set KoR apart:

  1. KoR is refrigerated and sometimes is accompanied by at-home solutions which complement your treatment. The refrigeration properly preserves the solution, maintaining its efficacy.
  2. KoR comes in sealed trays that have a tight and customized fit to your mouth, which severely limits the amount of saliva that interferes with the gel. This stops dilution.
  3. KoR promotes healthy teeth and their ability to absorb oxygen. This, in turn, dissolves stain molecules better when combined with the bleaching gel.

Sensational Smile Solution in Houston and Katy, TX

If you’d like to smile up to 16 shades brighter, Chloe Dental provides free and easy consultations that fit around your schedule.

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