How 3D Dental Printing Can Change Your Dental Crown Experience

When a tooth is damaged, severely decayed, or otherwise breaking down, dental crown treatment in Katy, TX can be the single thing that allows you to keep that tooth. While effective, dental crowns have not always been practical because of the time involved in treatment. Thankfully, the development of 3D printing technology makes the dental crown a far more convenient treatment option for most patients.

More Precise Fit

When using a 3D printer to create a custom crown for a patient, the dentist first uses in-depth scanning and mapping software that can assess every angle of the existing tooth. This information, which is a series of extremely accurate measurements, is then fed into the printer so the printer “knows” what shape the crown should be for the proper fit. The process is much more advanced than the standard mold or impression that is traditionally used to create a dental crown.

Faster Treatment

Perhaps the most desirable aspect of dental crown treatment that has changed due to the use of in-office 3D printing software and equipment is the fact that treatment times are substantially shortened. The normal process for getting a dental crown involves the dentist taking measurements, sending those measurements to a lab, and then waiting for the crown to be completed. With 3D printing, the crown can be produced literally in a matter of minutes while the patient waits.

More Natural Appearance

When a crown is made in such a precise way to align with the underlying tooth and the surrounding teeth, it is less likely to appear unnatural. While a well-made crown that is not 3D printed can be adjusted to be almost as streamlined, there is simply no match for the crown created using advanced technology.

Talk to a Katy Dentist About 3D Dental Crowns

Do you have a tooth that could use the protection of a crown? At Chloe Dental, we are a Katy dentist that can help. Contact our office today to discuss options for same-day crowns.

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