Must-Haves for Your At-Home Dental Emergency Kit

Just as you can experience emergency situations with the rest of your body, you can also experience emergency situations with your oral health. When this occurs, it is so important that you visit an emergency dentist in Katy, TX for help as soon as possible. However, it can also be helpful if you have an emergency first-aid collection on hand specifically to handle these unique situations.

Here are some must-haves to keep on hand for just-in-case dental emergencies.

Sealable Plastic Bags

Sealable plastic bags can be used in a pinch when you need to secure a tooth after it has been knocked out in a safe, clean place until you get to the dentist. In addition, you will need a sealable bag to contain gauze and other materials that are soil with blood in the event you are bleeding.

Sterile Swabs, Gauze, and Cotton Balls

All of these items serve their purpose. Gauze can be used to bite down on and control pressure and bleeding. Sterile swabs may be necessary to clean a wound in your mouth. Cotton balls work well when you need to clean an area with an oral rinse.

Dental Mirror

Dental trauma or damage to a tooth may not always be visible from the front of your smile. A dental mirror allows you to get a look at the backsides of your teeth by looking in the mirror.

Temporary Tooth Filling

Temporary tooth filling products can serve several purposes, including:

  • Covering an opening when a filling falls out
  • Securing a crown in place temporarily
  • Covering a crack in a tooth to deter sensitivity to air exposure

You can find temporary dental filling material at pretty much any pharmacy, so grab a tube of it to add to your kit.

Find an Emergency Dentist in Kay, TX for Help

Even when you have all the right supplies on hand, you still need to see a dentist in Katy, TX for help. Reach out to us at Chloe Dental if you need immediate help with a dental emergency.

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