My Permanent Tooth Just Fell Out – What Should I Do?

Have you lost a permanent tooth? If so, you’re having a dental emergency! It’s vitally important for you to see your dentist in Katy and Houston as soon as possible. It’s also important to collect and preserve the tooth as well as possible, to help ensure that the tooth can be saved when you get there. Following the tips below can help.

What to Do When a Permanent Tooth Falls Out

When a permanent tooth falls out, the first thing you should do is find the tooth! When you do, pick it up by the crown – not by the root. Picking it up by the root can damage it.

Rinse the tooth in saliva, sterile saline solution, or in milk. Next, stick the tooth back in your mouth – either in the hole that it came out of (root first), or in the pouch of your cheek. Putting the tooth in your mouth may sound disturbing, but it’s the best environment for your tooth.

Contact your dentist as soon as possible to let them know that you’re having a dental emergency, and you need dental care ASAP. The faster you get to the dentist, the morel likely your dentist will be able to repair the damage.

Find a Dentist That Offers Dental Emergency Care

Not all dentists offer emergency dental care in Katy and Houston TX. Find a dentist that offers dental emergency care to ensure that the dentist you contact will be able to fit you in, even at the last minute. Time is of the essence when you’re missing a permanent tooth, so don’t wait! For more information about how you can take care of your teeth, contact Chloe Dental today.

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