The Uses and Benefits of 3-D Dental Printing  

Did you know a 3-D printer could be used by your dentist in Katy, TX to provide you with a better, more cost-effective dental experience? That’s right! The concept of 3-D printing is being used for dentistry in almost endless ways.

This is still a relatively new technology, but it continues to grow and evolve and will be the predominant technology of the future. In fact, 3-D printing technology is expected to be used for more than 60 percent of all dental production needs by the year 2025.

What Do 3-D Dental Printers Do?

A 3-D dental printer uses a laser along with computer-guided precision to help produce small objects with intricate details more easily and accurately in four simple steps.

  • Scan
  • Design
  • Print
  • Prepare

The Benefits of 3-D Dental Printing

Here are some of the benefits of 3-D dental printing in Katy, TX.

1. Less Expensive for Dentists

Using a 3-D dental printer versus installing an in-office dental lab is much less expensive for a dentist.

2. Less Expensive for Patients

Since the dentist is saving money by using a 3-D dental printer, they can pass that saving onto their patients.

3. Dental and Orthopedic Services are More Accurate and Faster

Manually crafting dental models is time-consuming. However, using a 3-D dental printer is faster because it can print multiple appliances at one time. Additionally, a 3-D printer is more accurate because it takes digital images and converts them into physical objects. It does this by printing 16 extremely thin layers of whatever it’s printing, one on top of the other. This benefits both the dentist and the patient.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a dentist in Katy, TX, please Contact Chloe Dental today. We offer the most advanced dental care in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of personalized care to all our patients.


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