What is a Root Canal, Exactly? 

When your dentist in Houston, TX tells you a root canal is needed, you may wonder what this means. A procedure that sounds painful and expensive, a root canal is an important dental procedure to keep your teeth in great shape. As for exactly what it is, here’s what you need to know.

Purpose of a Root Canal

When you have a root canal, your dentist is seeking to save your natural tooth by eliminating bacteria from an infected root canal area of your tooth and preventing reinfection. To do so, infected or inflamed pulp from your tooth is removed, then the inside of your tooth is cleaned and disinfected. Finally, your tooth is filled and sealed, keeping bacteria from reentering.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Thanks to modern dental technology, getting a root canal in Houston, TX today is much the same as getting a tooth filled. Usually completed in no more than two appointments, it is a relatively painless procedure.

What are the Advantages of Getting a Root Canal?

When your dentist performs a root canal and is able to save your natural tooth, you will reap numerous advantages. These typically include a continued natural appearance of your teeth, normal and painless chewing, normal teeth sensation and biting force, and helping to protect your other teeth from excessive strain or wear.

Do I Really Need a Root Canal?

If you have a cracked tooth that is very sensitive to hot and cold sensations, have a tooth with a deep cavity, or have severe pain when chewing or biting, chances are a root canal is needed.

Since a root canal is relatively pain-free, usually covered by insurance, and will still let you resume your normal tasks shortly after leaving your dentist’s office, don’t delay getting this important procedure if recommended by your dentist.

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