3 Dental Emergencies That Need Immediate Attention

Many of us visit the dentist for a simple filling or routine checkup. However, on some occasions, we may need to see the dentist for an oral emergency.

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 dental emergencies that require immediate care.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth involves a pus pocket that forms at a tooth’s root, which is a serious dental issue. In fact, an abscessed tooth is an infection that requires an emergency dental visit. As this infection can spread to other areas of your body, it’s vital to see a doctor immediately. This condition can be fatal if not treated right away. After the infection has been treated properly, a root canal procedure may be needed to save the tooth.

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Severe Pain and/or Bleeding

If you’re dealing with severe oral pain or excessive bleeding, this is another dental emergency that needs immediate attention. Once the pain sets in, this is a good indication that something’s wrong. This issue can be caused by swollen gums, cracked teeth, gingivitis, or something worse. To reduce the pain quickly and find a treatment, act fast!

Cracked or Knocked-Out Tooth

If you knock out a tooth or notice a crack, see a dentist immediately. Also, if the tooth’s root is exposed, be sure not to touch it. This can cause an infection or other dental problems. The next step is to place the knocked-out tooth in a glass of water or milk until you reach the emergency dentist. Additionally, try to see a dentist as soon as possible, preferably within 30 minutes.

If you experience any of the dental issues listed above, acting quickly is essential. To book an appointment with an emergency dentist in Houston, TX, call Chloe Dental today!

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