How to Prepare for Your Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is a procedure that requires preparation from the patient. If you’re having gum surgery in Katy and Houston TX, it’s important to know in advance what needs to be done. Knowing what to wear, when to eat and whether you’ll need to bring a ride with you to the dentist office can help you be ready for your gum surgery when the time comes. Here’s what to know about your upcoming gum surgery procedure.

What to Wear

Your dentist will ask you to wear comfortable clothing to your gum surgery. Wear light layers of natural material such as cotton and low-heeled shoes. Ask your dentist if you’ll be receiving IV sedation for your gum surgery. If you are, wear a short-sleeved shirt to make it easier to access your vein.

When to Eat

Before your surgery begins, you’ll be instructed to eat a light meal. Do this 1-2 hours before the surgery. Following the surgery, you’ll be instructed to eat only soft foods, so have some on hand before your surgery begins. Smoothies, ice cream and protein shakes are common foods that people eat following their gum surgery. If you have more questions about approved foods, speak with your dentist.

Bring a Ride?

You may or may not need a ride home from your gum surgery, depending on what kind of pain management your dentist is going to give you. Find out from your dentist whether you will need a ride, then make arrangements.

Report Medications You’re Taking to Your Dentist

One more thing before your gum surgery – report any medications that you’re currently taking to your dentist in Katy and Houston TX. Have more questions? Contact Chloe Dental to get ready for your upcoming procedure.

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